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The Campaign

The campaign was initiated by Lennart Burke to participate in some of the most famous ocean races with a professional team. A Class40 boat was an obvious choice after the sucessfull completion of a MiniTransat in 2021. The moto of the campaign "Think Big - Think Social" is not just an empty catchphrase but will be a core element of the project. The next logical step after the Class40 would be an Imoca - Vendee Globe 2028 participation.
The campaign is still lacking a main sponsor. So if you have someone in mind, please spread the word.

Class40 - 189

A Class40 is a 40´ monohull offshore-racing sailboat, mostly sailed single- or double handed. The box rules allows for innovations and the production at various boatyards but also keeps costs within certain limits to allow parcitipation of a broad field of amateur and professional sailors. It is a growing class and often represents the largest class in some of the most famous ocean races.


Lennart is a young professional sailor who proved that he can not only steer sailboats but also execute complex campaigns such as forming a team, find sponsors, organising logistics and handle other unexpected challenges. That's why we, at Elia Bay, decided to order a new Class 40 S4 #6 from Pogo Structures for the campaign even before its financing was secured by signed sponsor contracts.


Currently, its planned to start in the following races:
4th June 2023, Normandy Channel Race ~1000nm
27th June 2023, Les Sable - Horta ~1240nm
8th July 2023, Horta - Les Sable ~1240nm
22th July 2023, Rolex Fasnet Race ~600nm
5th November2023, Transat Jaques Vabre

future races will be listed

please navigate to the official websites of the races to find information about how to follow the race

Sponsors and Supporters

The campaign needs sponsors and welcomes supporters. The sponsors will benefit from the exposure of their brand at exciting offshore-sailing events. Latest developments in GPS tracking and communications allow spectators to follow offshore races from home. The sponsors will not only benefit from the races but also from social, sustainablity and teambuilding projects, carried out inbetween the races.
Please contact Lennart to find out more about sponsoring and supporting the campaign.

Think Big - Think Social

official website

official website of Lennart Burke Sailing