Elia Bay

Where we stand

EliaLogo The land is purchased, the buildings are designed, approved and the first construction started. As a next step, Elia Bay Co will install two floating docks (installed July 2022)in Elia Bay and will acquire around half a dozen Optimist sailboat and an electric propelled coach boat. The boats will be made available to Meganisi kids which hopefully will be our future sailing teachers and offshore racers.


EliaLogo The construction for the Sailcamp´s main building -The Boathouse- is expected to start in 2022. It will be a multipurpose building and function as a meeting point but will also provide a workshop, kitchen, storage and can be used for all kinds of social gatherings.

Elia Penninsula

EliaLogo The Sailcamp streches over an area of more than 20 000 sqm. Most of the land will be left untouched to maintain its natural beauty.

Coastal Rowing

The protected waters around Meganisi would be ideally suited for coastal rowing for pleasure, exercise and competition. Elia Bay Co will support the formation of groups on Meganisi and neighboring islands who would like to build and use rowing skiffs.
(source: www.StAylesinternational.org)

sv Meganisi

Pogo 40 S4 Elia Bay Co ordered a new Class 40 offshore racing sailboat which is allready under construction. The plan is to charter the boat to a young professional sailor who will earn his merrits on this boat.

Learn to Sail

It´s never too early or too late to learn sailing